ImageIron - Software to capture and correct
lens aberrations with highest precision

Radial and tangential distortion

With certain settings even the most complex camera lenses show visible distortions. Especially when measuring distances or angles, but also in creative image processing, the distortion has an interfering influence to the result.


Beside the distortion, lenses cause an illumination fall-off at the image edges due to their arrangement inside the barrel. This effect grows with smaller f-stops.

Digital camera parameter determination and image adjustment in a batch

ImageIron enables to very precisely capture the relevant distortion and vignetting parameters of any camera/lens combination, whether it is a consumer or a high-end camera. An intelligent calibration procedure fully automatically and reproducibly determines the parameters by photographs of a calibration-map.

Although these photographs can be created with quite small effort, this procedure precisely captures the radial asymmetric distortion, the tangential distortion and the vignetting.

Once the parameter-set has been created, the image calibration is a breeze:
You just have to collect a list of images that shall be calibrated, select a destination folder, set the output options, and ImageIron applies the determined parameters according to the EXIF information.

You do not need to bother about any slider controls, the calibration runs optimally and fully automatic! Beforehand the user can view the calibration result for any image with the animated preview feature.

Analyze and process camera parameters

Note: for this feature the additional Analyze-License is needed.

Especially interesting for optical system manufacturers or for qualitative evaluation of cameras and lenses is the unique analyze-feature:

The calculated distortion and vignetting parameters of self made Calibration-Sets can be output as curves or diagrams or be exported as ssv-tables, which enable processing in e.g. Excel.

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Latest News

25.07.2007: Improved reference image recognition engine

25.07.2007: Direct Calibration-Set download from the NaturalGrafiX-server database

Coming soon: Automatic and precise removement of chromatic aberration

The distortion is very distinct near the image border
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Features at a glance

  • Outstanding precision due to application of objective, measured data
  • Supports all cameras and lenses (also provides full support for shift-lenses)
  • Very high tolerance during processing reference images (examples)
  • Detailed output of the residue distortion after the calibration enables a reliable tolerance determination
  • Batch image correction while preserving all metadata (among others EXIF) and ICC-data
  • Support of 16 bit color depth and camera RAW-Data
  • Parameter analyze possible with the additional Analyze-License

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"I found your product, ImageIron corrects distortion much more effectively than products like Nikon Capture NX, PTLens, Picture Window Pro which I have been evaluating for quite some time as they all are using distortion coefficients. Thank you for this wonderful product."