ImageIron special price

Help us to keep the ImageIron calibration-database up to date and in return receive the Full-License at a special price of EUR 39,00!


  • Your camera-lens-combination is not yet contained in the database. The point up to 1 week before your data is uploaded is decisive. So you do not have to worry that this condition is not fulfilled any more if the database is changed in the timespan, in which you create your calibration-data!
  • Newest ImageIron version (update using Help >> Update license)


  1. Download the installation-file and request a trial-license. You can find both here.
  2. Install and start ImageIron.
  3. When you are asked for licensee and license-key, input the license-data, which you have received by email.
  4. Print out the Calibration-Map (test-chart, located in the program-folder as pdf) as big as possible (see manual).
  5. Use the Calibration-Map to take a complete set of calibration-pictures, according to the manual.
  6. Load the images into ImageIron and start the parameter-calculation.
  7. Upload the created Calibration-Set using the button "Upload" onto the server and provide your email-address. Afterwards you will receive a link by email, which you can use to request your reduced Full-License.