Additional features

Automatic updates

ImageIron provides a very comfortable way to be kept up-to-date:

Just click the menu entry Help >> Look for new version during an existing internet connection in order to look for a new program version on the NaturalGrafiX server. If the search is successful, the new version is downloaded, installed and immediately started after user confirmation.

You have the option (can be set under Edit >> Options) to automatically look for a new version with each program start.

It is highly recommended to use this update function, to derive full benefit from the improvements and enhancements which are planned for ImageIron.

Update license

If the menu entry Help >> Update license is clicked, ImageIron starts to download a new Ticket from the NaturalGrafiX server.
This function is only needed if the existing Full-License shall be upgraded to the Analyze-License. Detailed instructions for this can be found in the confirmation email, which is sent to the user after placing the appropriate order.

New license key

If the program shall run under a new license, the new licensee name and the corresponding license key can be entered using the menu entry Help >> New license key.
Mainly this function is used in cases when a Trial-License is changed to a Full-License.

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