Frequently asked questions

How much does ImageIron cost?

The Full-Licence costs 69.00 € (incl. 19% VAT within the EU) and provides the same functionality as the free Trial-License, except that the Trial-License does not allow to import Calibration-Sets.

If a Trial-License-user creates and provides a Calibration-Set of a camera, which is not yet contained in the database, then he receives the ImageIron Full-License at a special price of 39.00 €.

The DIN-A1 Calibration-Map costs 95.00 € (incl. 19% VAT within the EU). Please find the shipping cost to your country on the order page.

In order to be able to use the ImageIron analyse feature, which allows to clearly display and export the determined calibration parameters, the Analyze-License is necessary. The price for the Analyze-License is 290,00 € for commercial use and 89,00 € for private use.

How can I find out whether there is a new version of ImageIron?

ImageIron is equipped with a very comfortable update feature, which looks for updates on the server alternatively with each program start or after selection of a menu item.

I installed ImageIron and am irritated that it always contacts your Web server. Which data do you want to have?

When ImageIron starts the first time after installation the entered license data is verified with the server data. This concerns both the Trial-License and the Full-License and is unfortunately necessary in order to prevent illegal handling with the program.

Apart from this by default ImageIron checks the server for a newer version with each program start. If one has been found, the user is asked whether he would like to install it or not. The automatic update search can be turned off using the menu entry Edit >> Options, in that case ImageIron should get along without further server connections.

Please read the installation manual and the section about Special Features.

I have purchased an ImageIron license. May I install the program on several computers?

Your personal ImageIron license permits you to use ImageIron on two computers, for example on your PC and your laptop, as long as these devices are mainly used by you.

Are camera RAW-Data supported?

Yes, ImageIron supports all common RAW-Formats (list). If this doesn´t cover the RAW-Data of your camera, then please write a short message to me, I can then try to add your desired format.

Is there going to be a Mac OS X version of ImageIron?

No, a Macintosh version of ImageIron is not planned.

I found a program error!

I am very thankful for appropriate hints! Please post your bug report in the NaturalGrafiX-Forum in the section Problems and bugs / Probleme und Programmfehler.

I have a suggestion for improvement.

I would be glad if you post your suggestions and requests for the further development of ImageIron in the NaturalGrafiX-Forum, section Suggestions / Anregungen.

I lost the license data...

I can send the data once again to your registered email address. But however please understand that this is only possible once!